NPR's Top 10 Classical Albums of 2012

"Just Ancient Loops, with its evocative drone and pizzicato opening, unfolds like a journey. The music, with its blend of East and West, soars in interlocking swirls of color, rests in a central chorale and builds steam to an ecstatic conclusion, sounding as if it had always been here."
- Tom Huizenga, National Public Radio

Michael Harrison and cello innovator Maya Beiser join forces to create

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“…an appealing mix of live and recorded cello lines, raga-inspired drones and Minimalist rhythms…”
- Steve Smith, The New York Times

“The glitziest work was Michael Harrison’s Just Ancient Loops, which cellist Maya Beiser performed along with some 20 electronic versions of herself.”
- Richard Gehr, The Village Voice

a masterpiece composed of multi-layered cello tracks… absolutely stunning.”
- Sam Reising, I Care if You Listen (.com)

Michael Harrison’s Revelation Chosen by New York Times and Boston Globe as Best of 2007

"Michael Harrison's "Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation" is probably the most brilliant and original extended composition for solo piano since the early works of Frederic Rzewski three decades ago."
- Tim Page, Spoleto Overview Critic

Mr. Harrison strips away centuries of well-tempered convention to reveal naked notes, which he stacks up in clear chords or swirling clouds.
- Anne Midgette, The New York Times
Classical's Best and Brightest Recordings of 2007

“This hour-plus trance-inducing solo piano work is a vast experiment in "pure intonation." Using an original tuning for the piano, Harrison makes it hum and vibrate in ways that sound both ancient and modern.”
- Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe
Jeremy Eichler's Top CD Picks of 2007

A monumental work...the pulsing, gamelan-like waves Harrison conjures from his customized 'harmonic piano' have a hypnotic effect.
- Bradley Bambarger, The Star-Ledger

Watch the final minutes of Michael's performance from The Wordless Music Series on YouTube.

Revelation: Music Meet Math
Listen to Michael's October 10, 2007 interview with John Schaefer on WNYC's New Sounds.

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