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Harmonic Constellations
Price $9.99 (for immediate high quality digital download)
This 21-minute work was commissioned by Mari Kimura and is scored for violin with 13 pre-recorded violin tracks and sine tones. It is comprised of nine constellations of complex just intonation harmonies that gradually shift and evolve over time. The work introduces my technique of “Integrated Proportionality,” with frequency relationships between each tone tuned in whole number proportions and Hertz specified above each note. These harmonic proportions help determine the durations, dynamics and envelopes of each tone, as well as structural elements. The complex tuning creates an invisible geometric formation of periodic composite waveforms which can be experienced as a sonic hologram in which the listener can move and hear different tones in every part of the room. The rhythmic pulsations are the result of interference patterns perceived by the brain as acoustical beats.

Harmonic Constellations, Mari Kimura, violins; Michael Harrison, electronics.
New World Records, 80776


Time Loops
Price $10.00 (for immediate high quality digital download)
Time Loops is the follow up to Revelation, a critically acclaimed Cantaloupe recording from 2007, and features cello innovator, Maya Beiser and one track with the Young People’s Chorus of New York City. Michael Harrison is known for developing one of the most distinctive musical styles in recent years; utilizing innovative tuning relationships to further develop Just Intonation—an ancient tuning system where the distances between notes are based upon whole number ratios.


Time Loops, Michael Harrison and Maya Beiser.
Cantaloupe Music, CA21086

Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation
Price $15.00 (or $25 for any two, plus shipping and handling)
Revelation: Music In Pure Intonation utilizes innovative tuning relationships to further develop "just" intonation - an ancient tuning system where the distances between notes are based upon whole number ratios. The result is a 75-minute work where groups of notes played together rapidly with both hands form "...pulsating, shimmering walls of sound in which all kinds of ghost-like sound effects and structures appear" (The Wire). Mark Swed of the LA Times says of Revelation: "Perhaps the most surprising quality of Revelation is its straightforward sensuality...along with heaping doses of old-fashioned, jaw-dropping virtuosity that simply pull the listener along."
    Revelation: Music in pure Intonation, piano solo.
Cantaloupe Music CA21043, October 2007
  From Ancient Worlds
Price $15.00 (or $25 for any two, plus shipping and handling)
From Ancient Worlds, is Michael Harrison's acclaimed epic composition written for the "harmonically tuned" piano, gives full range to the sonic possibilities of the unusual, refined voicings of his music. Characterized by poignant melodies, rich harmonies, and multi-layered rhythmic patterns, his sounds are at once technically adept and deeply emotional.

    From Ancient Worlds, "harmonic piano" solo. New Albion Records.
Compact disc, 1992
  In Flight
Price $15.00 (or $25 for any two, plus shipping and handling)
In Flight (Fortuna Records), is a collection of original piano solos in both "just intonation" and "equal tempered" piano tunings. The title track was used by Columbia Pictures in the movie trailers and television advertisements for the Academy Award winning movie Awakenings.

    In Flight, piano solos. Fortuna Records. Compact disc, Cassette, 1987
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