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RUMI: Lovedrunk


Rumi: Lovedrunk (Remastered) is a groundbreaking audio project that features several talented musicians from Persia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., and includes original compositions by Olivier Glissant and Michael Harrison. This album blends the exotic and the meditative with hip grooves and inventive arrangements and the deep, resonant and hypnotic voice of Shahram Shiva.

Rumi is the greatest exponent of the ecstatic intoxication of mystic love. Shahram Shiva, award-winning Rumi translator, performer and author, captures the essence of the poet's message through his passionate performances. This union of spoken verse and world music melds magic with love.

This meticulously composed and produced CD is much more than a “Spoken Word” project and can be listened to both for the beauty and power of Rumi’s words, as well as for the captivating and inspiring mood of the music and poetic images. It is the uncompromising artistic statement of three diverse and committed artists.

This unique CD has crossover potential and will appeal to many markets including: Pop, World Music, New Age, Spoken Word,Self Help & Healing, Poetry & Rumi Enthusiasts.

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